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Our Franchises

Alongside our range of CLAAS machinery, we supply agricultural equipment from other established manufacturers such as Lemken, Samson, Abbey, Prodig, Hawe, Teagle and Richard Western.



A family business founded in 1913, CLAAS is a leading manufacturer of agricultural engineering equipment across the globe. CLAAS is also the European market leader in combine harvesters.

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Abbey machinery


Abbey Machinery is one of Ireland’s largest and most respected manufacturers of agricultural equipment, with technology catering for the ‘Total Cow’. From high Tech Diet Feeders, precision Toppers, accurate Fertiliser Spreaders at the front end of the cow to Slurry Tankers, Muck Spreaders, Agitators to cater from the back end of the cow.


Hawe specialise in the production of robust, reliable, innovative vehicles and transportation solutions including trailers and chaser bins.

Lemken Logo


The Lemken family business is an internationally leading specialist supplier for professional arable farming. Our programme comprises powerful, versatile, high-quality technology for soil cultivation, sowing and crop protection.

Prodig Logo


Prodig manufacture buckets, grabs, bale handlers, pallet forks etc using the highest quality materials and components, making them robust, reliable and easy to maintain, resulting in many years of service.

richard weston

Richard Western

Richard Western is one of the leading trailer and spreader manufacturers in the UK. Our products combine quality, reliability and efficiency to help you meet the challenges of modern agriculture.

Samson Machinery Logo


Samson offers a wide range of machines and technology aimed specifically at the professional muck and slurry application market. Their tanker range starts at 16,000 litres and increases up to an impressive 35,000 litres.


Teagle is a market leading manufacturer and global distributor of robust, reliable and precision made feeders, bale shredders, fertiliser spreaders, toppers and more.