Hydraulic Hoses

Made to measure usually while you wait, we carry a good selection of agricultural sizes on the shelf.

Hydraulic hoses are made to order at all our sites from GATES components featuring, MegaCrimp® couplings give a leak-proof seal that’s so innovative, its patented*. During testing, it surpassed 600,000 impulse cycles. Once inserted it stays inserted; as the tooth profile “bites the wire” giving maximum coupling retention unlike competitive crimp designs that rely solely on the compression of the rubber.

The unique “C” insert stays round during crimping - like the hose. Therefore compared to other one piece fittings crimping doesn’t distort the hose tube which can often contribute to the formation of leak paths.

TuffCoat™ plating gives Gates MegaCrimp® couplings four times more corrosion resistance than before. That’s 400 hours of red rust corrosion protection when subjected to rigorous SAE-J516 and ASTMP-117 salt-spray conditions, a 500% improvement over the 72-hour SAE standard. 

* U.S. Patent #5267758

  • Leak Free
  • Unique Patented "C" Insert
  • 360 degree Swage
  • Non Skive Coupling
  • Size Range 1/4 - 1"1/4
  • One piece design
  • One piece construction
  • Slip On Nut
  • Impulse tested to 600,000 leak free cycles
  • Tuffcoat TM plating as standard
  • Zinc Nickel alternative - 720 hours to red rust
  • Identification

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