Because every farm is different, every bale is different. That’s why CLAAS offers a variety of baling options, with its QUADRANT square balers, or ROLLANT and VARIANT round balers. All machines produce compact bales, with baling pressures of up to 200 bar. 

The QUADRANT models include the 5300, 5200 and 4200, all of which have 6 high-power knotters. The 5300 produces bales of 1.2 x 0.9m, while the 5200 and 4200 produce bales of 1.2 x 0.7m. Combined with automatic pressure control, the QUADRANT series makes baling easy. 

For smaller bales of 0.8 x 0.5m, there’s the QUADRANT 4000 square baler. You can adjust the bale density and length as required. The 4000 produces forage that is perfect for horses, thanks to its packer tine technology. 

The ROLLANT range produce round bales using a fixed bale chamber or wrapper units depending which model you choose. ROLLANT models are easy to operate and offer high productivity with total reliability. 

With the ROLLANT 400 UNIWRAP, CLAAS offers film wrapping as well as net wrapping. This helps to better preserve silage and results in less crop loss. Thanks to this wrapping system you only need one sort of packaging material, which simplifies your disposal operation. 

LEINSTER FARM MACHINES also offer the VARIANT 485–460 series of round balers. These machines are quick tying, thanks to high belt speeds. A new intake plate creates more precise twine or net wrapping. 

The belts and the chopping rotor turn in opposite directions – a design unique to CLAAS. This allows for the immediate bale start you need to produce a compact core. The high-speed rotor reaches directly into the bale, forcing the bale start – for each and every bale, and in all conditions. This also prevents belt slippage. 

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