Forage Harvesters

CLAAS has built up a reputation for excellence since it began selling forage harvesters in 1973. More than 40,000 CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvesters have rolled off the production line onto farms around the world. 

The JAGUAR range is designed for power and efficiency. They offer the ultimate soil protection, with traction and pressure spread across twice the contact area. And they’re easy to operate thanks to their intuitive design, easy access for maintenance and AUTO FILL, including rear discharging. 

Our JAGUAR designs come with SHREDLAGE® technology. SHREDLAGE® increases the surface area of the 2chopped crop material and increases your milk yield by up to one litre more per cow per day. 

There are three JAGUAR ranges to choose from: JAGUAR 980-930, JAGUAR TERRA TRAC and JAGUAR 870-840. 

The JAGUAR 980-930 will help you safely bring in your harvest with up to 884 hp. The crop flows in a straight line through the entire machine. A v-shaped arrangement of knives and accelerator paddles results in maximum performance with minimum power consumption and makes for a highly reliable operation. 

The JAGUAR TERRA TRAC is fast on the road and stable on slopes, with high traction for heavy-duty working.

The JAGUAR 870-840 provides consistent chop quality and precise crop processing, all with low diesel consumption. Find out which JAGUAR is right for you at LEINSTER FARM MACHINES – visit us at New Lanes, Duleek, Co. Meath. 

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