Rakes and Tedders

LEINSTER FARM MACHINES supply the latest CLAAS rakes and tedders. 

We stock LINER swathers with four rotors, dual rotors (central or side swath laying) and single rotors. Working widths vary between models but there are some features that are shared across the range. 

They all have a continuously lubricated and hermetically sealed swathing drive, which is a feature unique to CLAAS. Each has a wear-resistant PROFIX tine arm bracket and cam track in oil bath for life-long, maintenance-free reliability. They are all below 4 metres without needing to remove individual tine arms. 

Finally, the LINER range offers three-dimensional ground-contour following, thanks to the fully floating suspension and four-wheel chassis. 

The CLAAS VOLTO tedders come in two series to suit your requirements: large and compact. All models offer an easier tedding operation with robust spreader arms and feature the MAX SPREAD crop flow concept. They also include the CLAAS power flow drawbar for smooth and safe movement over the ground. 

The VOLTO gives you good directional control at any speed, the option of a guide wheel and patented power transmission in the PERMALINK finger clutch. 

Call or visit our dealership in Co. Meath to find out more about CLAAS rakes and tedders. 


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