CLAAS have manufactured tractors for over 15 years and have consistently expanded their offering alongside the latest developments in agricultural technology. The range now comprises more than 50 models, with a tractor to suit any operation. 

At LEINSTER FARM MACHINES, we supply the full range of CLAAS tractors, including the XERION models. The XERION is the largest tractor in the CLAAS range, delivering power, productivity and durability. These large machines deliver engine output of up to 530 hp and some have rotating cabs. The XERION 5000 is fuelled by the latest 6-cylinder engine from Mercedes-Benz. 

We also supply the CLAAS AXION, ARION and ATOS tractors, each designed to fulfil a range of diverse requirements. The AXION 960-920 CEBIS model has a unique 3-finger operation thanks to the CMOTION multifunction control lever. It also has a 12” CEBIS display with touchscreen, electronic spool valves, CSM headland management and field and implement management. Each element helps to ease operation and ultimately delivers efficiency. 

We also supply the smaller CLAAS tractor models. The ELIOS machine is specifically designed for use in smaller spaces or on steep slopes. This tractor has a low centre of gravity and low overall height, which means that it can reach places that are inaccessible to larger machines. 

Further, we supply the NEXOS tractor, which is more suited for orchard and vineyard work or sites where narrow spaces are common. 

To find out more about the CLAAS tractor range, visit our dealership in Co. Meath to speak with our trained staff. 

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